Daffo Green DH-002 All In One Multifunctional Dressing Stick Aid with Shoehorn aid for Getting Dresses, Clothes for Elderly, Disabled, and Handicapped


  • All in one dressing stick and shoehorn includes one end with a shoehorn and the other end with a dressing stick.
  • The long shoehorn allows for putting on shoes.
  • 27" extended reach for those with limited mobility and range of motion
  • S- Versatile hook with a push-pull function that helps in the dressing process can aid in picking up clothes, or other objects are hard to reach
  • Foam grip covers the entire shaft for comfortable grasp while dressing independently
  • Dressing aid for elderly, disabled, and handicapped to get dressed without the help of others

DaffoGreen DH-002 24" Dressing Aid & Shoe Horn

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