DaffoGreen Hand & Finger Exercise Therapy Medical Grade Transparant Silicone Putty

4 oz/@ color x 5 colors, 20 ounces container/Box


  • Designed to meet a wide range of finger and hand strengthening needs. Putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched
  • For any rehabilitations, hand & finger recover, strenth training or Physical occupation and physio therapist strength training program
  • 2 ounce each color into a container,4 containers/4 colors  of one set 
  •  Each Color Code of Beige,Blue, Pink, Green with following  : Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm .resistances
  • None latex, unscented, non-toxic , non- rubber 
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Production in  Certificate of Medical approved factory
  • Material:   100% Transparant Liquid  Silicone



DaffoGreen Hand & Finger Exercise Transparent Therapy Putty, @ 4oz x5

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  • Return: Hygiene concerns. Not returnable if removed from sealed packaging.